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Ready to take your event to the next level?

When many Fortune 500 companies want comedy, they turn to Frank. They know that in addition to being outrageously funny, the interactive nature of his shows brings teams together and helps unite co-workers through laughter.

Frank Olivier creates unique shared experiences while literally placing your guests center stage.

His show combines clean national-headliner comedy, with skills that are second to none: award winning juggling, magic, unicycling, prop comedy, and more.

Welcome to Funny Frank!

With over 20 years in the entertainment business, and thousands of shows under his belt, Frank Oliver is the perfect "funny business" accompaniment to your next event. Frank can add another dimension to any event as he has done everything from headline comedy to trade shows to emceeing. You can even get your employees pumped up by having Frank as a guest at your next company meeting. Do you need a speaker? Frank can be a "spoof" expert on just about any topic.

Frank has been a part of many meetings at Fortune 500 companies, bringing comedy and entertainment into the mix of business. The New York Times says that Frank is "Wickedly funny" and the SF Chronicle calls Frank "One very funny guy."

The interactive nature of his shows brings your team together and makes for part of a great team building activity. Having Frank's comedic presence can help to bring your coworkers together.

Your guests will be placed center stage- literally! Frank's shows combine national-headliner comedy with skills that are unmatched. Frank will have you on the edge of your seat with his juggling acts, magic, unicycling, prop comedy, Close-up magic, fire eating, knife throwing, telepathy, stilt walking, sword swallowing, body magic, illusion design and so much more!

Called "America's funniest comedian juggler," Frank was featured as a contestant on "America's Got Talent." After being joined onstage by celebrities like Bill Murray, Kid Rock, and Sandra Day O'Connor, Frank has proven to be one of comedy's top performers who is well respected in the industry.

Book comedian Frank Oliver for your next event today! Your guests will be extremely happy that you did!

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unicycling comedy - Show Info Frank Olivier On His Unicycle

Completely delight your crowd with an upbeat hilarious top-tier, self-contained, and clean comedy show with world-class skills including award-winning juggling, magic, unicycling and more. The thrills can even be interactive to literally bring your guests centerstage. We can create customized comedy to enhance your message or theme and the "outrageousness" factor can be adjusted to suit your event.

Frank is available for:

  • Headline Comedy - Frank is predictably unpredictable and consistently inspired featured entertainment.
  • Emceeing - Unify all the elements of your program and keep things moving. Frank sets the pace and keeps everyone laughing.
  • Spoof Speaker Presentations - Frank is introduced as an expert on a pertinent subject. Sit back and watch the fun begin.
  • Morning Meetings - Get the morning started with Funny Frank. He will energize the room, focus attention and raise productivity.
  • Product Launches - Frank will work with you to create a unique and quirky customized launch.
  • Trade Shows - Bring in Frank to attract big crowds and hundreds of qualified leads.

With over 20 years in the business and literally thousands of shows, Frank delivers a memorable and one of a kind event.

A typical show includes:

  • Juggling – building up to as many as 7 balls and 5 clubs
  • A unicycle ballet parody – often followed up with a volunteer ‘Pas Des Deux’ – Dance for Two
  • A volunteer bringing torches (or 600K volt stun guns) to Frank while he’s on his tall unicycle
  • Comedy magic – including the head-winder, the head-drop, and the world’s most dangerous card trick
  • Mouth juggling with ping pong balls
  • Machete juggling
  • And non-stop sight gags

Other skills include:

  • Close-up magic
  • Fire eating
  • Knife throwing
  • Telepathy
  • Stilt walking
  • Sword swallowing
  • Body magic
  • Illusion design

Frank’s comedy show fits virtually any venue.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 8’ x 12’ stage, or stage area. 8 ½ ‘ vertical height.

Want something bigger and more theatrical, hip and slightly dark? Consider his full theater show: FRANK OLIVIER’S TWISTED CABARET.

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unicycling comedy - Frank Info Unicycle Ballet

Frank Olivier developed his unique off-beat brand of humor in San Francisco starting off on the streets entertaining tourists, and quickly moving into the Bay Area's numerous comedy clubs. He was soon sharing the bill with Dana Carvey, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and others.

While on his first trip to New York, planned as a vacation, theatre producers spotted his talents, and quickly signed him. He performed his act for the next three years in the Broadway touring hit show 'Sugar Babies' (a variety and burlesque musical, starring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller).

Olivier has a growing number of television appearances including The Tonight Show, HBO's 'Just for Laughs', Comic Strip Live, and shows for PBS, HBO, BBC, Disney and more. He also headlines Las Vegas, comedy and theater festivals, and performs countless corporate shows.

Frank is also well known for his grace in handling volunteers onstage, and has brought up such luminaries as Henry Kissinger, Bill Murray, Sandra Day O'Connor, Kid Rock, Clarence Thomas, Jim Belushi, George Shultz, and hundreds of CEOs. He'll handle your people with the same ease and humor, and have everyone cheering. Cheering not only for Frank but your company's new "stars".

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Contact Frank Olivier

"Wickedly funny! The program's only problem was that it should have run the rest of the summer! Astonishing juggling and unicycling feats… a sharp-witted ingenuous buffoon!"

- Jennifer DunningNew York Times

"When Frank Olivier is juggling, no one can touch him, not just for his mind-bending skill, but for his perfectly honed awkward-guy appeal which gets audiences roaring. It's a delightfully wild ride."

- Brad RosensteinS.F. Bay Guardian

"Devastatingly Funny!"

- Larry KatzBoston Herald

"He's Dynamite!"

- Johnny Carson

"Insanely Funny! Olivier turns traditional vaudeville on its ear."

- Adam SandelSan Francisco Examiner

"An absolute riot!"

- Carol BeersSeattle Times

"A showstopper!"

- Helen SmithAtlanta Journal

"The audience went crazy! Juggler comedian Frank Olivier had the theatre-goers in absolute hysterics!"

- Sandy NeiseThe Tennessean

"Comedy at its absolute best! Olivier is an energetic, multi-talented, masterful comedy performer who can do it all…The funniest show I've ever seen. It's unbelievable!"

- Jerry FriedmanKGO Radio

"Certainly the funniest juggler you've ever seen! The rightful heir to the comic tradition of vaudeville. A showstopper!"

- Washington Weekly

"The fans roared with glee responding to his every move… his timing whether verbal or juggling is exquisite… He's wonderful!"

- Joe Pollack-St. Louis Post

"About the most entertaining 40 minutes you will ever see - and still not believe. Frank Olivier is a juggler the way Laurence Olivier was an actor, for he's also a comedian, unicyclist, and altogether astonishing performer. Even if you hate magic, and especially if you hate juggler, you must see Olivier. The man is clearly and wonderfully crazy. An endlessly inventive performer who is blessed not only with astonishing physical dexterity, but better still, with the inner magic of personality, wit and charm."

- Gerald NachmanSan Francisco Chronicle

"Your off the wall antics make for memories that last a lifetime. When you stole Justice Clarence Thomas' watch the entire crowd was in hysterics. And nobody there will ever forget you balancing Harlan Crow's Stradivarius on your chin. I know of no other artist who has left his mark so indelibly on my mind. You're absolutely wonderful, creative and off the wall"

- Event ProducerFred Wicknick

"Certainly the funniest juggler you've ever seen, and I don't care how enamored you are of the Flying Karamazov Brothers. He's the rightful heir to the comic tradition of vaudeville. A showstopper!"

- Bob MondelloWashington Weekly

"Unhinged effervescence. This is a man of enormous talent. He turns juggling into the best stand-up comedy around. It's good time theater, and no one seems to be having a better time than Olivier himself. And he juggles so many objects you'll think gravity has given him a special dispensation."

- Chad JonesOakland Tribune

"You, my friend, are a national treasure! You really made the event a pure delight! It takes a deft diplomat to poke fun at my old pal the Vice President of the United States in his presence, and you rose to the occasion without flinching. And the jokes about the secret service were priceless; I saw one of them almost smile! You are a joy, and a consummate performer."

- Alan K. SimpsonU.S. Senator

"Olivier, like a slightly bent variety arts chef, cooks up a blend of entertainments into a wildly funny show. It's one of those shows that works so perfectly wonderfully you're surprised no one had come up with it before."

- Pat CraigContra Costa Times

"IBM has an in-house rating system for all their events, and the Florida circus theme event, with Frank Olivier, was one of the very few shows ever to rate a perfect 10."


"Comedic genius throws another Frank on the grill. Olivier gives audiences a hilarious look at the inner workings of his mind. If you know comedy, you'll recognize him from his appearances on The Tonight Show. Let Olivier convert you!"

- Nina KingLas Vegas Magazine

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unicycling comedy - Fun Stuff Frank Olivier Unicycling

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?

A stick.

Did you hear about the Irish boomerang?

It doesn't come back, but it sings about coming back.

God and Saint Peter are playing golf. St. Peter tees off at the first hole, and hits a hole in one. His halo shines a little bit brighter. God is trying to tee off, but knocks the ball backwards down a hill. A rabbit hops out of the woods, grabs the ball, and goes running for its hole. A hawk swoops down, grabs the rabbit and flies to 4000 feet. From nowhere, clouds form, lightning strikes the hawk, who drops the rabbit, who drops the ball, plunk, a hole in one. St. Peter turns to God and says, "Are you going to play golf or are you going to mess around?"

What's 100 feet long and has just 6 teeth?

The front row of a Willie Nelson concert.

What's the difference between mash potatoes and pea soup?

Anyone can mash potatoes!

A cowboy rides into town wearing a paper hat, paper pants, and paper boots, and he's immediately arrested ......for rustling.

There was an Indian chief who lived to be 100 years old, by drinking 100 cups of tea every day. On his 100th birthday, he died. He drowned in his own teepee.

A sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "Sorry, but you’re food... and we don’t serve food here."

What’s green, slimy and hangs from trees?

Giraffe snot.

I was walking past a spiritual commune in California, and inside I heard them chanting, 36 ......36 .......36 .......36 ......." So I went up and looked through the peep hole in the door, and a finger came out and poked me in the eye, and they all started chanting, "37 ........37 .......37"

A duck walks into a pharmacy and says, "Gimme some of that Chapstick."
The clerk says, "Well I would, but how are you going to pay for it? Cash or charge?
The duck says, "No, no... Just put it on my bill!"

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.

Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon?

Great food, but no atmosphere.

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because he was dead.

What’s big, green, has 4 legs, and if it fell out of a tree onto you, would kill you?

A pool table.

How much does it cost a pirate to get his ears pierced?

A buck-an-ear.

Two atoms are walking down the street. One says to the other, "I think I lost an electron!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I’m positive!"

A neutron walks into a bar and says, "Gimme a beer!"
The bartender says, "Certainly... Here you are!"
"How much is that?"
"For you... No charge!"

Two guys are driving along when a rabbit hops out on the road. The driver tries to avoid the rabbit, but can’t. They get out, and the passenger screams, "You hit it! Oh my! Do something! Do Something!" The driver calmly goes to the trunk, takes out a small bottle, and pours some onto the rabbit. Its head immediately pops up. He pours a little more. The rabbit jumps up, hops down the road a bit, turns around and waves at them, hops a little further, turns and waves again... hops... waves... until he’s out of sight. The passenger says, "That was amazing! What is that stuff?" The driver reads from the bottle, "It says ‘Permanent wave for damaged hair’!"

A doctor, each day after work, goes into the same bar owned by his friend, Dick. Every day he gets an almond daiquiri. On this one day however, Dick was out of almonds, so made him his usual drink, but using hickory nuts instead. The doctor took one sip and asks, "Is this an almond daiquiri, Dick?" He replies, "No... It’s a hickory daiquiri, Doc!"

"Doctor, woof, you’ve got to help me, woof, I think I’m a dog!"
"How long has this been going on?"
"Ever since I was a little puppy"

What do you have if you have 50 female pigs and 50 male deer?

You’ve got a hundred sows-and-bucks!

A magician is doing an incredible show. For his final trick, he gets the strongest man from the crowd up on the stage, and asks the volunteer to hit him in the side of the head with a sledge hammer... The guy is reluctant, but does it, and knocks him cold. The magician is in a coma for six months when the nurse notices his finger moving... he’s coming to! The doctors all gather around him. He’s trying to say something... He struggles, opens his eyes and says, "Ta-da!"

"Doctor... Woof... I think I’m a dog!"

"Probably all in your head, with no basis in physical reality, but until we’re sure... Off the couch!"

Old guy sitting on the curb crying, so I ask him what’s wrong. He says, "I’m 84. I just married a gorgeous 23 year old model who cooks, takes great care of me, and we make love all the time!"
"So why are you crying!"
He says, "I can’t remember where I live!"

Two men playing golf play up behind two women. One says "I’ll go up and ask if we can play through." He comes back with eyes as big as saucers, "Maybe you’d better ask!" "Why?" "It’s my wife. She’s playing with my girlfriend! Neither one of them knows!" "I’ll take care of it!"... He comes back with his eyes huge and says, "Small world!"

A man was having a terrible day of golf, hitting balls everywhere. On the 7th hole, a police officer comes up and asks, "back on the fourth hole, did you knock a ball over that fence?" "I might have." "Well, that ball hit a car windshield, caused a massive traffic accident, and six people are dead." The guy is stunned ... "Oh no! That’s terrible! What do I do?" The policeman says, "Well now, you’re slicing it... You want to bring your knees together, and keep your head down..."

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